About Reefology101

Silvia's mysterious shark

Aloha and Welcome to Reefology101,

This is a forum set up by graduate students from University of Hawaii at Manoa who have an interest in reef ecosystem health, in particular coral reefs. Our lab is led by two principle investigators, bacterial geneticist Dr. Sean Callahan and coral ecologist and disease specialist Dr. Greta Aeby. We range in our expertise from molecular biologist to scientific divers, encompassing the dynamics of reef ecosystems from the macroscopic to the microscopic. We aim to incorporate outreach and education into our scientific method.

This blog is meant to keep the community informed about coral ecosystem related work here in Hawaii and throughout the Indo-Pacific.  We have been fortunate enough to observe reef ecosystem here in the Main Hawaiian Islands and the Northwest Hawaiian Islands as well as American Samoa, Palmyra Atoll, Micronesia, and New Caledonia. We have done extensive lab investigations on coral health, bacterial communities and the pathology of coral diseases.

Here in Hawaii, coral reefs are of cultural, biological, ecological and economical importance. They are the backbones for tropical centers of biodiversity. The Kumulipo speaks of the importance of corals in the formation of the Hawaiian Islands and Hawaiian civilization.

“O ka lipo o ka la, o ka lipo o ka Po 
Po wale ho——‘i 
Hanau ka Po 
Hanau Kumulipo i ka Po, he kane 
Hanau Po’ele i ka po he wahine 
Hanau ka ‘Uku-ko’ako’a, hanau kana, he ‘Ako’ako’a, puka 
Hanau ke Ko’e-enuhe ‘eli ho’opu’u honua….”

Darkness of the Sun, darkness of the Night
Nothing but Night
The night gave birth
Born was Kumulipo in the night, a male
Born was Po’ele in the night, a female
Born was the coral polyp, born was the coral, came forth
Born was the grub that digs and heaps up the earth, came forth

This blog will be an introduction to our work and the work of fellow reef health enthusiasts to the public for discussion, as well as sharing pictures of reef ecosystems visited and interesting laboratory subjects. We hope that all who visit this blog will gain a bit of insight into the ever changing world of reefology!

Enjoy and Mahalo,

The Aeby/Callahan lab members

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