Ocean Sciences Meeting 2014

Last week, the Hawaii hosted the 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting. Over 5,000 scientists, resource managers, and conservation groups gathered together to share groundbreaking research as well as to discuss problems and solutions to today’s coastal environmental issues.

The keynote speaker that started the week long conference was Elazabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsay. She is an anthropologist and a National Geographic Explorer. Lindsay gave a stirring talk on how the fusion of science and traditional knowledge of elders is essential to solving today’s ocean issues. A video of her talk from this meeting is not available to share here, but below is a link to a similar talk by Lindsay for those who are interested.


Another key address was made by Robert Richmond, who is a researcher at the Pacific Biosciences Research Center at Kewalo Marine Laboratory here on Oahu. His address highlighted the need to further develop links between science and resource management which he then compared to spam musubi. He hoped that the way to solve coastal issues be founded on a thick rice platform of good science, with a rich spam topping of effective resource management, wrapped in the nori of concerned and well informed citizens. What do you think of his analogy?! We want to know!

Of course Team Coral was there to soak up some new knowledge and to share some really cool research!  All of the posters were very well received and sparked interesting discussion of future research.

Here is Chris talking about the coral disease outbreak happening in Kauai.


                                                  Amanda with her poster on coral bacteria.


   And Blake and Andy with their posters on coral pathogens.



Next week, Team Coral will also be presenting this research at the Tester’s Graduate Symposium being held at UH Manoa. Check out the program here: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/biology/sites/manoa.hawaii.edu.biology/files/downloads/testerprogram_2014.pdf

Here are a couple more pictures of the conference.

IMAG5912IMAG5913 IMAG5916    

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